Your Introduction to the World of UX and Design

Do you want to learn more about design, but don’t know how? Do you want to know what the difference is between design, UX, and UI? If so, then this one-day workshop is designed (yes!) for you. It is built for people who are either curious to learn more about design or who want to understand the importance that design plays in both business and private life. It aims to build a bridge between your role and the way in which you can contribute to the experience of your company’s solutions, regardless of the area in which you work.

The goal of the workshop is not to make you a designer but to give you a sound understanding of what design is: introduce basic design principles, do away with prejudices, and above all, show that design is a fun and rewarding thing to practice. It is NOT a Design Thinking class nor will it explicitly focus on UIs or specific UI technologies.

The „Design Eye Opener“ encourages dialog between attendees and trainers, makes heavy use of interactive elements, lets people experience visual, haptic, and acoustic aspects of design, and tries to build lasting connections. You will leave this class with a bag of aha! moments, stories to spread, a closer connection to design, and inspiration to learn more and dive deeper. Both fun and learning guaranteed!

The workshop is designed by SAP with the purpose of raising awareness about design and giving a practical framework for approaching design decisions. Since 2015 more than 4000 people have attended the training and rated it 4.7 (out of 5), which makes it one of the most successful internal SAP trainings.

In short, according to attendees, this is an excellent training. They say that they like:

  • 37%, the examples – we offer many examples from different industries and different times;
  • 19%, the exercises – several exercises allow you to practice what we have covered through theory and examples;
  • 16%, the structure – we combine theory, practice, videos, examples, discussions, and additional materials.

In addition, attendees mention that they like the interactive nature of the course and the many discussions, the content, the way of delivering the material, and even the design of the slides.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I learn?
    You will learn what design is. You will learn how to use basic design principles to evaluate whether a design is good. You will learn that design is not a taboo practice for strangers but something for all of us.
  • Do I need to know how to design?
  • How will we work during the class?
    We’ll combine theory, history, discussions, exercises, examples, definitions, process, and surprises.
  • Will you share the slides and other materials?
    We will share lots of materials you can use to dive deeper in design topics.
  • Who is this workshop for?
    Our track record shows that people in the following business roles have attended and found the workshop good: developers, testers, product owners, product managers, project managers, technical writers (user-assistance developers), HR, high-school students, managers. Even designers enjoy the workshop – as an attendee put it „It is very interesting even for designers“.


This workshop is offered in cooperation with SAP. As a global company, SAP works with some of the world’s largest organizations, and design has a prominent role. See SAP Design

Design Eye Opener

Димитър Симов (Джими)


0885 909 927
Интернет страница

Уменията и опитът му са в областта на ползваемостта, проектирането на потребителско взаимодействие и интерфейси, осигуряването на качество и потребителска документация. Oт 2000 г. работи за популяризирането на ползваемостта в България.

Участвал е в множество софтуерни и IТ проекти като проектант и консултант. Проектирал е интерфейса и взаимодействието на продукти като система за билинг, софтуерна система за уравление на контактите (CRM), система за онлайн обучение, система за електронно банкиране и други.

Създава и води курсове по писане на потребителска документация, създаване на ползваеми продукти, писане за уеб, тестване на софтуер.

Лектор и участник в журито на различни уеб конкурси.

Завършил е Американсия университет в България, специалност изследвания на Югоизточна Европа. Учил е когнитивна наука в Нов български университет.

Професионално, Джими е специалист по ползваемост и проектант на взаимодействия и интерфейси. Занимава се с развой на информация от 1997 г. Оптимист, който все още вярва, че софтуерът може да бъде ползваем.

Започва кариерата си като документатор. Пише документация, за да обяснява на хората как работи софтуерът и как се очаква те да го ползват. Сега помага на компании да правят софтуер, който хората могат да ползват без указания.

Разделя времето си между SAP и Лукрат. В SAP се грижи екипите и ръководството на SAP Business Technology Platform да знаят какво мислят и искат потребителите. В Лукрат консултира клиенти и развива продуктите за потребителски проучвания U Тest It и

Място на провеждане

СОХО, ул. Искър №4, София

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Design Eye Opener
Design Eye Opener
Design Eye Opener
8 юни 2019, 09:30 - 18:30 (събота)
СОХО, ул. Искър №4, София