The challenges

The first day is in the form of a 4h-lecture, in which you will learn all the important bits and pieces from Psychology and Psychotherapy. We will start with brains and neurones and work our way up to the different psychological approaches and applications. Examples from psychological research will help us deepen our understanding of humans along the way. In the final part, we will systematically look at the relevancy of all this knowledge for each stage of the UX-process. This, together with a good night’s sleep will prepare our brains for the next day.

The second day is a full hands-on workshop in which you will work individually and in a small team. In a guided setting, we will develop products or services for the examined context. We will go through the process systematically, starting with explorative research at the beginning and finishing with an initial, early prototype. To wrap it up, we will discuss how you could go about testing the prototype(s). We’ll also have enough time for all the questions at the end.

Target audience

The workshop doesn’t require any preliminary knowledge about UX or Psychology, as it builds a common knowledge-fundament from the very beginning. Therefore it is suitable for everyone involved in the early stages of Product/Feature Development, as well as anyone interested in human behaviour and design.

Limited places available for 25 people!

UX Psychology

Martina Mitz

UX Psychologist, Strategist and Designer
Martina is a UX/Service Designer and a certified Psychologist = UX Psychologist, working since 2001 on re-designing certain parts of the web. She has been able to influence the eco-systems in big companies like Volkswagen, T-Online, eBay, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Cortal Consors (BNP Paribas), StepStone, The Co-Operative Bank and many others.

She has also supported some chosen start-ups in Germany and the UK, primarily by driving their research and strategy phases and establishing a user-centred design approach, as well as the supporting structures.

Participants' recommendations

Carol Tikerperi

Head of Design

I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on User Experience (UX) Psychology led by Martina Mitz, which focused on understanding humans in the loop, whether they are product users or designers.

The workshop gave attendees a general understanding of UX psychology, including its guiding concepts, methods, and applications in real-world settings. The attendees received practical knowledge and approaches that may be applied right away to any design processes.

This information can aid design and product teams in developing better user personas, use cases, research methodology, and testing procedures. In order to produce more inclusive and successful design outcomes, participants learn to identify and reduce biases in their design process.

The instructor’s expertise and the practical nature of the content make it a valuable investment for any specialist or organization seeking to improve their user engagement and product design outcomes.

Tina Lickova

Senior ResearchOps Specialist

In the workshop with Martina, you don’t only get a chance to learn about interesting frameworks and try them out as interactive exercises. You also get to know the context of why they’re important and how they can enrich your work. This workshop was one of the „aha moments“ inspiring you for fine-tuning your practices and adjust your methodologies. Also, important is Martinas’ background as a psychologist and a her energy when teaching, which makes it all an intensely pleasant time-well-spent.

Anna Magieva

Studio Lead UX

Hi, my name is Anna Magieva. I am a Studio Lead UX Designer at Mediatonic EPIC Group. I specialise in game development.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Martina since 2019.
My team (UX/UI Team King Berlin Studio) and I attended her training „UX Psychology“ in Berlin.

We were looking for an opportunity to increase our knowledge of cognitive science and a good example of applying it to day-to-day product design. We were considering several courses, but most of them were too scientific or, all the way around, too shallow.

Martina’s training was the number one choice for us for several reasons.
1. It took a reasonable amount of time to overview complex psychology theories, neurobiology & human brain anatomy and the history of cognitive science.
2. We could apply new design principles in practice immediately and complete a mini-project just in two days.
3. We learned an entirely new way to collect customer data without surveys or usability testing.

It was a big booster for the team. As a result of the training, we reconsidered the design and research process in the Studio. We started to try new methodologies more concisely.

So, I think Martina found a perfect combination of how to summarise and explain academic knowledge in an easily consumable format for designers and a mind-changing interactive design workshop.
I strongly recommend „UX Psychology“ training if you want to take a more user-centred approach to your product or service development and bring it to the next level.

Robert Siuda

UX Consultant

Martina Mitz’s UX Psychology course had a great impact on me and my work. I have internalized the new insights and apply them regularly. Thank you Martina!

Knowing how the brain works and how it affects users and ourselves helps me a lot in my daily work:

The experience with supposedly similar problems and users tempts you to shorten the process, to think in solutions and to confirm your own opinion.

The knowledge from the course helps a lot to recognize and navigate through these biases. It also helps to appreciate and love the whole process, the users, and your own brain with all its pitfalls and „quirks“. And since we don’t work alone, this knowledge is very helpful in explaining the need for our work to others.

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UX Psychology
UX Psychology
UX Psychology
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СОХО, ул. Искър №4, София