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Making the transition from web to mobile design can be challenging, especially when you have to understand what makes it different.

From the app idea to the interface details, there is a long way that not always start with the right foot. That’s why before designing anything is fundamental to have solid wireframes that keep in mind how to accomplish a task, but not forgetting smaller interactions. During this part of the process, understanding differences in patterns between Android and iOS is also very important.

The visual interface design that will follow after, will have then to consider the characteristics of design for touch interfaces; and how to properly apply colours and typography, animations and transitions.

Finally, before delivering your design, you have to know best practices on how to prepare it to be handled to developers for later implementation.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to follow a step-by-step process, from the first sketches to a polished interface design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?
You will learn how to design a mobile app for Android and iOS from scratch. Along the way, we’ll review topics such as interaction patterns, differences between mobile operating systems, tools and workflows, and more.

You can take a look to the schedule for more information, and if there’s anything missing that you’d like to learn, you can also let us know during the class to include it between the contents.

Do I need to know how to code?
No, as we are not going to code anything; we’ll work designing mockups and building prototypes from them, but without a single line of code.

Do I need previous experience designing apps?
Contents are focused towards beginners, and we’ll use an easy to understand language. That being said, you don’t need to have any previous experience with apps. If you do have, contents may help reinforce your knowledge, and provide you with workflows and methodologies that work in real projects.

How will we work during the class?
We’ll combine both theoretical contents with short hands-on exercises. During the class we’ll work, most of the times, in small groups so we can make the most of the synergy between attendants. The first day, will be more focused on designing on paper; and the second, we’ll take our designs to the computer.

It’s also important to know that we want to keep the class fun and relaxed, so you are invited to work in your own way as well, and to ask questions anytime you want!

Do I need to bring anything?
For the first day of class, we’ll provide you with the materials you need, so bringing your laptop is optional, you won’t really need it then. Your computer will be required for the second day, though. You can bring either Mac or PC, as you like, and there are no special software requirements.

Will you share the slides and other materials?
Of course, so taking notes is optional. After the workshop, we’ll send you the slides with notes and references, plus an email with other information you might need. Sharing is caring!

Main Topics

Day One – Introduction to the mobile design process

  • Ideas that are worth designing
  • Designing interactions flows
  • Mobile patterns for Android and iOS
  • Overview of prototyping tools
  • Sketching wireframes on paper
  • Introduction to usability testing

Day Two – Design for touch screens

  • Visual design in Android and iOS
  • Design tools for interface design
  • Animations and micro-interactions
  • Working with developers
  • The future of mobile design
  • Conclusions and general Q&A

Who This Workshop is For?

Designers and UX professionals who want to take their skills beyond the screen to create truly valuable cross-platform experiences.

UX design for mobile apps

Javier Cuello

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Javier is a designer who loves to design everything he sees and lives, thinking how that could be better. Born in Mendoza, Argentina, Javier has spent the last 13 years officially based in Europe. He has also travelled all over the world — working remotely, teaching design, and getting to know new people and places.
During all this time, Javier has also worked for all kinds of companies and projects, big and small. Some of them were for companies such as Telefonica, Yahoo, Zara, UEFA and Carolina Herrera. Currently, he’s part of the Design Systems team at Wise in London.

Besides his full-time projects, Javier has co-authored and self-published a book on mobile app designs. This passion for writing has led him to regularly write on Smashing Magazine, where he has published several articles on topics from interface design, to design workflows, mindsets and more.
Twitter, LinkedI, Instagram.

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SOHO, 4 Iskar Str., Sofia

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UX design for mobile apps
UX design for mobile apps
UX design for mobile apps
19 април 2018, 10:00 - 17:00 (четвъртък)19 април 2018, 10:00 - 17:00 (четвъртък)
SOHO, 4 Iskar Str., Sofia