Do you want to find a way through innovation and empathy for users?

Design Thinking is the way that is used by the most innovative companies nowadays.
Whatever your occupation is, design thinking is your team’s wonderful tool to be more creative. Design Thinking stresses the importance of cultivating empathy for end users, interpreting and framing problems they experience, creative solution generation, and continuous prototyping and testing.

On this workshop, you will develop an understanding about the philosophy of Design Thinking. You will learn each 5 steps of Design Thinking while practicing a given challenge during the workshop. You will have an experience about the process as well as methods and several tools to analyse user needs, generating ideas and prototyping. You will also get the chance to apply these methods as teams by solving a challenge.

This Design Thinking workshop provides you to explore how human-centered design can help to develop innovative solutions for the complex challenges you face.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I learn?
    You will learn what is design thinking and the 5 steps; Emphatize, Define, Ideate Prototype and Test. You will practice several methods for each step while trying to solve a given challenge during 2 days.
  • Do I need to know how to design?
    No, participants do not need to have any background with design.
  • How will we work during the class?
    We’ll combine both theoretical contents with team exercises that form the most of the workshop. From the beginning to the end, everybody works in a team that is determined before the workshop. The teams consist 4–6 people depend on the attendee numbers. It’s also important to know that we want to keep the class fun for you by revealing the inner child. You will use post-it, paper, pen instead of lap-tops and smartphones. I will be coaching you whenever you need during the exercises.
  • Will you share the slides and other materials?
    Of course, we’ll send you the slides and photos that we took during the workshop.
  • Who this workshop for?
    Professionals from all occupations who want to develop their visions about empathy for users, creativity and innovation.

Main topics

Day One Introduction to Design thinking

  • The challenge
  • Emphatize – Research for design and Interviewing
  • Define – Building an empathy map, Creating persona, Journey map and Defining the problem statement
  • Ideate – Visual thinking, Generating ideas, Diverging by brainstorming, Converging by prioritising and Building a concept map

Day Two Prototype – Design principles, Journey map and Building a prototype

  • Test – Assessment, Iteration and Final presentations

Who This Workshop is For?

Professionals from all occupations who want to develop their visions about empathy for users, creativity and innovation.

Design thinking

Merve Postalcioglu

Merve Postalcioglu is a Sofia-based Independent UX Consultant and Design Thinking Trainer from Istanbul, Turkey. She studied Industrial Product Design and she changed her direction to UX Design during her master degree. She is interested in both digital and physical experiences because of her design background.

She has been designing user-centered experiences in a variety of work environments, teams and fields such as finance, chatbot, social responsibility and social networking subjects. She is extremely knowledgeable about user research and usability tests. Her UX philosophy is oriented around a deep empathy for users. Nowadays she is working as a freelance designer at Toptal.

She is a board member of UXPA Turkey that she organised several UX events for. She joined the Design Transformation Team at BBVA while she is working Garanti Bank – BBVA. After she participated to a workshop in Madrid as a coach, she started to train Garanti Bank – BBVA employees in Turkey and Romania on Design Thinking.

She was involved in Bulgaria Web Summit with a Design Thinking workshop in 2018. Her current focus is to spread design thinking knowledge to the companies and start-ups to provide empathy for users and continuous innovation.

If you are curious on learning more about Merve, you can visit her website and find her on Toptal, Twitter and Linkedin.

Място на провеждане

СОХО, ул. Искър №4, София

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Design thinking
Design thinking
Design thinking
4 октомври 2018, 10:00 - 18:00 (четвъртък)5 октомври 2018, 10:00 - 18:00 (петък)
СОХО, ул. Искър №4, София